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To search for a dentist, please choose a State and a Plan. Then you must choose to Search by Distance or by Area. (This is under the section called 'Enter Your Geographic Area')
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If you do not know what Plan to choose, please enter the Member's DOB & Member ID or Member's name in the section below in order to find the plan the Member participates in.
  Last Name First Name Member ID Address Product
By providing this information it will ensure that we only show dentists that take the Member's plan. You will be able to search for a dentist once we know what dental plan the Member has.
* mm/dd/yyyy 123456

You have 2 Search Options: To Search by Distance or by Area.
To use Distance, please enter an address with a zip code and choose Miles Willing to Travel greater than or equal to 1 mile.
To use Area, please enter your State, pick a County, and set Miles Willing to Travel to --.
Street address portion of subject's mailing address. Field should not exceed 60 characters.
State in which the subject resides or is located. Select from dropdown menu.
USPS mail code for subject's address or location. Field should not exceed 9 characters.
Indicates how far from the specified address  or    zip code to search for a dentist. (If you do not have a zip code, then set the Miles Willing to Travel to --)

Subject's last name. Field should not exceed 75 characters.
Subject's first name. Field should not exceed 30 characters.

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